Why domestic agricultural machinery is not as good as foreign agricultural machinery

:2021-11-23 :59

As an agricultural machinery worker who has worked in the agricultural machinery industry for more than ten years, he has experienced domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers, foreign brand manufacturers, and distributors, and has contacted many agricultural machinery users. There has always been a feeling that it is also agricultural machinery. Why can't domestic agricultural machinery do better than foreign agricultural machinery? In terms of user satisfaction, domestic agricultural machinery has always been inferior to foreign agricultural machinery. I think it may be due to the following three aspects.
1. R&D link
The research and development of domestic agricultural machinery basically counts one by one. The major manufacturers copy each other, and after copying domestically and abroad, they really lack their own core technology. Foreign agricultural machinery has been pinching their noses and unable to get out of their own circles. Either you have money and directly buy foreign technology, but the problem is here. It is impossible for others to give you core technology. At most, you can give you a more advanced secondary technology. These technologies serve as selling points.
2. Production link
In the production process of domestic agricultural machinery, quality is often ignored in order to reduce costs. Sometimes some iron parts are replaced with plastic parts, and some plastic parts are directly turned into paper. Therefore, some farmers say that some domestic tractors are made of paper, and agricultural machinery leaves the factory. The front is very beautiful, a factory is like a pile of scrap iron. Moreover, domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers are also very unsuccessful in controlling assembly workers. They often lay off staff during the off-season and then recruit new people during the peak season. After a few days of hurried training, they will go online to assemble. Can the assembled agricultural machinery be of good quality?
3. Sales link
These years are the peak season for domestic manufacturing, and the state is also vigorously supporting it with various subsidies. Sales are also an important factor affecting subsidies, so many manufacturers blindly produce high-priced models in order to defraud the subsidies. Moreover, in the process of agricultural machinery sales, a large number of products are often crushed by manufacturers, and a large number of products are distributed, and then together with agricultural machinery dealers, vicious price cuts will eventually lead to disgusting competition in the market.