Why are agricultural machinery accessories always in short supply

:2021-11-23 :89

The untimely supply of agricultural machinery parts is a common problem in enterprise services. So far, no agricultural machinery company dare to say that there is no problem with my spare parts supply! Without accessories, the service cannot continue. Not only do companies care about the accessories in the service, users are most concerned about whether the accessories are easy to buy and how versatile. So why is there untimely supply in the agricultural machinery parts market?
 Personally, I think there are many possibilities. The main reason is that the agricultural machinery parts are not prepared in time. Most of the carefully prepared market parts are useless in actual use. Those who are prepared are not broken, and those who are not prepared are broken. According to statistics from relevant departments, many companies are preparing accessories. The prepared accessories have not been used for many years, while some unprepared accessories are needed in just a few months. At this time, urgent stocking is needed. Manufacturing time and delivery time, and the failure rate of such urgently manufactured parts is relatively high.

The second possibility is that the factors that cause the wrong parts to be sent are in it. Due to the many models and drawing numbers of the agricultural machinery, the styles are complicated, there are two situations. The first is the name, model, drawing number, and name of the parts listed on the parts list. The quantity is correct, and the parts staff sent you the wrong one. The other is that the required accessories information sent is wrong, and the goods sent are not what you need. So for this problem, two to three relevant personnel should be set up and screened at various levels, and it is necessary to determine whether the required accessories are correct.
 The third possibility is that the replacement of agricultural machinery parts is faster, which leads to the parts that are still used on the market but the manufacturers have long been out of production. Although there may be stocks left, they may not be kept in full. Of course, there are some unscrupulous manufacturers. We will use this tactic to prevaricate customers and simply say that the parts are improved. We no longer produce and have no inventory. In this case, customers can only use legal means to protect their rights.