Causes and consequences of scratches on hydraulic cylinders

:2021-11-23 :248

When purchasing hydraulic cylinders in the factory, it is necessary to prepare some work in advance, and pay attention to this work, because hydraulic cylinders are not ordinary things. This is an item that can be related to the quality of subsequent products and reputation. It must be based on the product correctly. Purchase information instead of sloppy treatment. It is necessary to understand the use environment and the basic information of the other manufacturer.
If the hydraulic cylinder is scratched, nothing will happen at the very beginning, but you must know that this kind of defective product cannot be used for a long time, and it will definitely affect the performance and life. This point is doubted. If the oil cylinder is scratched, the consequences caused by the produced product will be very serious.
1. After being scratched, external impurities will enter the seal and cause a new round of scratches.
2. The inside of the oil cylinder is rougher, the friction is increased, and there is a crawling phenomenon, that is, a dragging phenomenon.
3. Oil will leak and cause leakage. Not only will the surface be covered with oil, but it may also increase the risk of spontaneous combustion, making subsequent repairs more difficult and greatly reducing work efficiency.
The hidden dangers caused by scratches on hydraulic cylinders are very serious. The current reason for this is that in addition to the manufacturer’s lack of rigorous requirements during production, there is also a situation that the corresponding protection is not done during the transportation process, and many trucks are in transportation. For these precision parts, the wooden boxes are simply put on the car without any protection. When driving on some bumpy roads, they will collide with each other and cause damage.
For this similar situation, we must treat transportation strictly, including when purchasing, we must also be careful not to let defective products get confused.