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Agricultural pto shaft
A PTO shaft is a common piece of equipment in agricultural machinery. This accessory allows agricultural machinery to turn the wheels of other machinery. A PTO is an important part of a tractor, allowing you to control the speed and power of your vehicle.
Product Detail

◆ PTO Shaft for Agricultural Machinery

Power-take-off shafts (PTOs) were developed to provide farming implement manufacturers and tractor manufacturers with a common method of powering implements. As the name implies, these shafts are designed to take power away from the engine, through the transmission.

Most often found in farming equipment, PTO shafts provide power for attached farming implements, which are basically anything a farming tractor pushes or pulls. This includes rotary tillers, finish mowers, sickle mowers, hay tedders, post hole diggers, fertilizer spreaders, and the ever-popular manure spreaders. PTOs can also be used to power electrical generators, which are attached in the same way as regular farming implements. PTO shafts in tractors can be found in front or rear-mounted applications. In addition, live or continuous PTOs do exist, which provide power to the attached implement, even without the tractor is in motion. This is generally accomplished by using a separate transmission for the PTO and the tractor.


01Corss jourmal with four cirelips08Inner shield bearing
02Pin kit09Safety chain
03Outer tube10Coil spring
04Inner tube11Inner shied cone & Inner shield tube
05End yoke for trantor side12Outer shied cone & Outer shield tube
05Safetydevices for implement side13Safety label for telescoping tube
06Outer tube yoke14Safety label for outer shield tube
07Safety label for telescoping tube15Booklet
08Inner tube yoke

◆ Applications of PTO shaft

PTO shafts are used to power various pieces of machinery. Most agricultural equipment needs some form of power takeoff system to convert the rotational energy from the engine to the implements. A PTO drive shaft is the most common solution. These mechanical devices convert engine energy into hydraulic pressure. PTO shafts are used to pull heavy loads. But when not used properly, they may become defective and cause a faulty machine. If you own an agricultural tractor, you may be wondering how to make the most of your PTO shaft. This gearing system converts the power of the main tractor to the rotation of a PTO drive shaft. In addition, PTO shafts are useful in agricultural practices because they can be connected to a wide variety of work equipment. Here are some of the most common agricultural applications for PTO shafts. We offer customized product services for agricultural machine drive shafts.


The PTO shaft transfers power from the tractor’s engine to the implement, such as a tiller or a harrow. Because of this, many pieces of farm equipment have no independent power. By getting PTO shafts, you’ll be able to get the right fit and start operating your farm machinery without any problems.
Our PTO drive shafts are made of high-quality material. PTO shafts are made from metal and are enclosed in a plastic sleeve, preventing accidental contact with the high-horsepower turning shaft.
Huayi is a professional PTO shaft manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of PTO drive shafts wholesale at reasonable prices. What’s more, OEM/ODM is available! Contact us now and get more information!
We provide customized services based on the propeller shafts used in different agricultural machinery. Our offer batch custom production services!


PTO agricultural machinery


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